Collection Development

Acqweb. Acqweb, 2010. Web. 23 April, 2011.
This site is a great resource for collection development. It has links all kinds of collection development and cataloging sites, and although I just recently found this site, I think it could be great for things like finding a journal's ISSN number (which is harder than you think). A downside is that it's being revamped and many of the sections haven't been updated.

Book Repair Manual. Trustees of Dartmouth College, 2011. Web. 23 April, 2011.
This site, as its title says, has detailed instructions about how to repair books. Book repair is one of those skills that I've never learned, and I know that this would be a great resource to learn how, or if I ever had an aide, to teach them how to repair books. I believe I found this site simply by searching for "book repair" in Google. Both the strength and weakness of this site are its thoroughness. It has many great details, but for a simple repair it might be too detailed.

Weeding the Library Collection. n.p., n.d. Web. 23 April, 2011.
This site is a group of links about different aspects of weeding a library's collection. This would be a helpful resource because weeding is important but much more difficult than it seems, and it would be great to have some guidance. I found this tool through the Resources for School Librarians page , which has many other great resources. As this site is just a collection of links, its strength is the variety of information and it really doesn't have an obvious weakness.

Workbook for Selection Policy Writing. American Library Association, 2011. Web. 23 April, 2011.
This is the ALA's workbook for selection policy writing. Having a collection development policy is very important, but a daunting task, so this site would be helpful resource to get started. I found this resource through the ALA's website. This site is very authoritative, but not very user friendly and somewhat overwhelming.